CSD SVF is working to grow the deaf ecosystem by investing in promising deaf businesses and entrepreneurs, who will, in turn, create more job opportunities for the deaf community.

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Grow the Deaf Ecosystem

The CSD Social Venture Fund invests in and supports innovative companies and entrepreneurs that place jobs for the deaf at the heart of their business model.
Learn more about some of the deaf businesses we’ve partnered with below.


Mozzeria, not only dishes out authentic pizza from the Naples region, they also serve customers a slice of deaf culture from the moment they walk in.


DeafTax is an unsung hero. These entrepreneurs will save you the headache of doing your own taxes. Too far away for an in-person visit? No problem – VP them.


reFort delivers the appliances that have been saved and recycled from being sent to landfills in an effort to save the planet. Don’t be green, GO GREEN with reFort. 

National Deaf Therapy

This women-owned eTherapy organization supports your mental health journey by offering sessions in ASL you can access from anywhere. Talk about real zen!

Bus Door Films

Bus Door Films is video production company. They actualize the dream of  #DeafTalent by providing opportunities for deaf people to shine in front of as well as behind the camera.

Hands On Travel

Hands On Travel originated out of the passion to travel and experience new things in life. We provide tours in over 60 countries worldwide with the focus on sign language guides, small groups, and unique experiences.

Is Your Deaf Business Next?

Are you an entrepreneur that has started a business,  are looking to start one, or want to hire deaf employees? SVF and CSD Learns has resources to support your adventure.

Need support on how to create a business plan? Take our Beginning Your Business online course.
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