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Celebrating Deaf History Month 2022

April 22, 2022

Celebrating Deaf History Month 2022

April 22, 2022
April 22, 2022

April is Deaf History Month

Team CSD is celebrating and honoring the richness of Deaf culture and Deaf people by sharing our #MyDeafHistory stories. These stories showcase the diversity of our community members and how, no matter where we came from, our shared passions for language access and supporting the successes of each other unites us. One big takeaway? Whether you’re the first Deaf person in your family or the 500th, you are Deaf enough. Happy Deaf History Month!

Amelia Hamilton

Amelia, the Project Manager of Professional Services at CSD, shares how communication in her family has evolved over five generations – from Rochester Method fingerspelling to ASL and back again.

Nicole Tingler

Nicole, an Accessibility Coordinator at CSD, shares how a specific gene variant may explain why her whole family is Deaf.

Sonny Wasilowski

Sonny, the Marketing Project Manager for CSD Contact Centers, shares how his family’s support inspired him to become an advocate for Deaf children and to work hard to end language deprivation.

Thomas Means

Thomas, Chief Financial Officer at CSD, shares his journey into realizing that no matter your hearing level, we are all Deaf enough. Plus, he shares how opening up a cutting-edge TTY on Christmas morning was the most exciting thing about his childhood (pics included)!

Wendy Brehm

Wendy, a Senior Legal and Compliance Analyst at CSD, shares how her parents made sure she felt included as the first Deaf person in her family.

Leila Hanaumi

Leila, the Donor Engagement Manager for the CSD Unites Community Foundation, shares how the close-knit culture of the Deaf community brought her and her husband together — plot twist!

Heath Huggins

Heath, the Director of Financial Services at CSD, shares how his mother’s love helped him lead a successful life because she prioritized communication access.

Follow us on social media and share your story year-round by using the #MyDeafHistory hashtag.

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