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Gridcheck and Vineya: Two Worlds, Joined

March 5, 2021

Gridcheck and Vineya: Two Worlds, Joined

March 5, 2021
March 5, 2021

Gridcheck, the full-featured scheduling tool designed for organizations to more efficiently monitor and manage the schedules of multiple accessibility service providers, joins Vineya, a scheduling platform designed to empower Deaf customers by prioritizing their communication preferences, bringing accessibility providers and Deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers closer together than ever before. With Vineya’s expansive interpreting network, and Gridcheck’s scalable, cloud-based technology, all parties experience seamless request, scheduling, and feedback processes for access to quality interpreters and captionists.

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“Joining with Vineya plugs Gridcheck into an extraordinary group of talented people who share our values and understand our audience like no other organization,” said CEO Cliff Hanks. “Interpreting agencies will be able to manage all their needs in one convenient system, while still providing top-level interpreting services that are vital to the success of the Deaf and hard of hearing community.”

Diverse needs, just one platform

Gridcheck links all parties–interpreting agencies, businesses, and Deaf consumers–throughout the appointment process to find the best interpreters for the job. Weighing an interpreter’s rate and business’s budget alongside the provider’s qualifications, subject-matter expertise, and Deaf consumer’s communication needs is often a time and labor-intensive process. Gridcheck’s highly customizable platform seamlessly incorporates these many variables into the scheduling process.

Gridcheck also solicits feedback for completed jobs, and features QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) and Xero integration, further enhancing efficiency for schedulers and service providers.

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Customer service, uninterrupted

So, what should existing users of Gridcheck or Vineya expect as the two come together? Both groups will notice visual changes to their platform. Current Gridcheck users will notice a refreshed look to their dashboard, while existing Vineya users will likely see what Hanks calls “a whole new cockpit.” While some core features will look familiar, there will also be “a lot of new knobs and levers” to correspond with the highly customizable features Gridcheck has to offer.

“For our customers, the number one benefit is that Gridcheck is a significantly more powerful system when compared to Vineya,” Vineya Program Manager Dustin Pelloni confirms. “Gridcheck has the ability to cover an entire agency’s needs within a singular platform.” Fortunately, all existing Vineya users can schedule a guided demo as part of the onboarding process to learn all the ins and outs of these new features.

For all parties, the most important change is that Gridcheck’s new, more seamless interface will translate into time saved for all users. “If we can save you a few minutes, it accumulates into a few hours, and then a few days and pretty soon we hope to give you a nice chunk of time to spend with your friends, family and coworkers,” said Hanks.

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Future Features

As Gridcheck grows, Hanks and his team have plans to make the platform even better. Some features to look out for in the near future include VRI on-demand, third-party calendar integration, in-platform messaging, streamlined invoicing, service provider availability and location status in real-time, as well as clearer Deaf consumer preference options.

Are you a business, interpreting agency, or deaf individual who could benefit from Gridcheck?

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