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Supporting Deaf-Owned Businesses: A Guide to Holiday Shopping

December 1, 2023

Supporting Deaf-Owned Businesses: A Guide to Holiday Shopping

December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

The holidays are almost here, and it’s not just about finding the perfect gifts – it’s also a chance to do something really important. We can make a big difference by supporting businesses run by Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in our community. These businesses have lots of wonderful things to offer, showing how creative and talented the Deaf community is. When we choose to buy from them, we help make the holidays more friendly and diverse for everyone. Let’s celebrate the spirit of giving by picking special gifts that also make our community stronger and happier. 

For updated listings of Deaf-owned businesses year round, visit the directory that is upkept by CSD Social Venture Fund

Happy shopping! 


  • Girl and Creativity – This is a shop that has so many gift options to choose from! From baby outfits to beer glasses to clothes, we’re sure you’ll find something for everyone on your list! 
  • Artfully Artistic – A shop that started with earrings and expanded to so much more! 
  • Sisters in Style – A one-stop-shop for everything from dresses and loungewear to accessories, even food, and drinks. Bonus? It all looks super comfy and stylish. 
  • By Mara – We know you’ve seen By Mara’s iconic ILY designs. Her super soft tees and hoodies are a great way to spread the love. 
  • Language Priority – Is there anything Language Priority doesn’t celebrate? Check out their shop for shirts, socks, and stickers to celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, Deaf Awareness Month, the Election, and more! 
  • Tansey Limited – Know anyone who wants to take to the skies? Let them show their dreams off with these tops featuring airplane designs by the Tansey family. 
  • To Sign Is Human – Screenprinted apparel advocating for language access for all. 
  • Strongerify – Athlesiure in ASL for wherever you live, work, and play! 


  • Orange by JS – handmade jewelry from a deaf Asian women-owned business in dreamy color swirls. 
  • Gorgeous Jupiter – Looking for lava beads, or preservation flower jewelry? Gorgeous Jupiter Co. has you covered. 
  • JillyBean Creates – JillyBean has all the intricate, hand-beaded earrings your loved ones could ever need.  
  • Nathalina Studio – Curated, sophisticated jewelry and home decor? Nathalina does it all.  
  • LOVE SIGN by RoseBYANDER– You do not want to miss out on RoseBYANDER’s intricate “I love you” necklaces and charms.  
  • Deafinite Designs – Customizable one of a kind hand stamped jewelry and gifts. 
  • Kenela & Co. – Last cut wood and acrylic earrings and accessories. 

Health and Wellness

  • JeZoe for Happy Skin – Soaps and skincare items 
  • The Deaf Flower –  Organic syrups 
  • Bumbleberry Farms – High quality and clean Honey 
  • Lilli Erin Yoga –  Virtual yoga courses 
  • Deaf Soul Yoga – Virtual yoga courses 
  • Chaos Candle Company – Mythology candles inspired by mythical tales. 
  • ASL Fit – Fitness classes in ASL! 
  • Oya Reigns LLC  – An Afro-Jamician Deaf artist who makes organic soaps for all types of skin so people can “be clean and glow.” 
  • DeafHood Yoga – Deaf people and allies of all walks of life join to experience Deaf-centered yoga, communicating through our hands offering spiritual~light language. 
  • Yoga with Beatrice – Practice yoga in ASL with a Deaf yoga teacher. Online yoga courses and one-on-one private lessons for the trauma-informed, corporate, D/HH, and youth. 
  • Blue Organic Kitchen – Holistic health, products, and recipes made with love by a Deaf woman and her family. 
  • Such A Lovely Red – Offers advice and resources related to intermittent fasting and mental health. Available for workshops and collaborations! 


  • Ali Mojahedi Photography – You know they’re a passionate photographer when they started at age 14! Ali does all sorts of photography.  
  • Kelly Grace Photos – We know you know you know someone who is obsessed with their four-legged friend. Check out Kelly Grace Photos’s pet photoshoots so they can book their chance to capture their furry companion on film in all their glory. 
  • Ultimux – Family photos, pet caricatures, portraits, ads—you name it. Ultimax can capture an image across mediums. 
  • Amelia K Hamilton – Living in Rochester, Amelia is an expert at capturing intimate, loving, and truthful moments. Her kind heart shapes every photo she captures. Set up a holiday shoot with her today. 
  • If You Were a Child – Not only does Clare Cassidy make beautiful photographs and portraits, but she also offers online self-paced courses in photography that are accessible in ASL. A GREAT find for the aspiring photographer in your life. 
  • Tate Tullier – Tate is an expert at life’s emotions in motion for individuals, couples, and groups. See if he’s just the photographer you’re looking for. 
  • Marlene Mata Photography – A Massachusetts-based Deaf photographer with love for her colorful city.

Art and Decor

  • Alpine Florals – Vivid mountain flowers pressed as collages and fun shapes are perfect for brightening up any space. 
  • Macramed– From wall hangings to potted plant holders to handmade earrings, this Austin-based business is your one-stop-shop for all things macrame. 
  • Raine Collective – An all-female deaf group of makers, this collective offers a wide variety of gifts and accessories to suit any taste. 
  • Viva Jess – This San Francisco-based graphic designer has unique gifts ranging from accessories and stationery to wall art and handmade holiday decorations. 
  • Kiss Fist Stitch – Kiss Fist offers a whole new take on your favorite family photo with custom cross-stitch portraits. 
  • Ash Marie Sha – This artist has over 60 original mixed-media artwork designs available for purchase. 
  • 58 Creativity -Graphic artist Brit Castle incorporates ASL into her artwork to tell a story in each dreamy print. 
  • Ladder of Love – This rustic art made from reclaimed wood is perfect for the eco-conscious nature lover in your life. 
  • Isabel Lainez – This Latina designer and illustrator often incorporates sign into her bold portraits. 
  • Woodstove Studios – In addition to the impressive year-round décor, this pyrographer has an extensive holiday collection, perfect for spreading the season’s cheer. 
  • Kali Doubledee – This artist’s paintings also feature ASL, but on a more conceptual level, so audiences can appreciate the beauty with or without any knowledge of sign. 
  • HandCubes – This shop has unique products that brings ASL to life!  
  • Cynthia’s Creations and More – Another great variety shop, where you can find handcrafted gifts from Christmas ornaments to tea towels. 
  • Boriketien – These stickers feature images for lovers of ASL, Puerto Rico, and anyone who likes to add a splash of color to their notebook or laptop. 
  • CraftsbyGio – Order luxury, custom-designed Christmas gift tags, tumbler cups, confetti, foil envelopes, and monogram ornaments from this deaf Latina. 
  • Homwu Gifts – One-of-a-kind homemade gifts for your home. Accepts custom orders. 
  • Dirty Beard Press – Screenprinter and artist who makes colorful ASL magnets, prints, apparel, and more. 
  • Clean School Paper – Vibrant art, apparel, and home goods, all in ASL. 
  • Elevenbee + Company – Creatively made ASL signing resources for families, like cards designed to teach babies ASL. 
  • Hilda Calas Pituk –  Made-to-order Vinyl Creations, like tumblers, glasses, t-shirts, and more. 
  • Adrean Clark – Deaf author and illustrator.  
  • Audrey’s Crochet Creation – Crocheted stuffed animals made with love by a third-generation crochet artist who is Deaf.  
  • Erik Jensen Art – A Deaf artist who makes art from keyboards! 
  • DeafBlind Potter – A DeafBlind potter who makes one-of-a-kind vases and mugs. 
  • John Lee Clark – A DeafBlind author whose works you can purchase at several locations. 
  • Sara Novic – A New York Times Best Selling author has 3 books published, check out her site for where to purchase to gift the book reader in your circle. 
  • Blind Blue World – A DeafBlind textile artist, a queer mom, and social justice accomplice and teacher.


  • Inka’s Screen Printing – You’ve got the perfect picture in your head. Now get it printed on a shirt, cup, or anything with Inka’s custom designs. 
  • Manos Communications – Provides professional translation services in English and Spanish as native-speaking translators 
  • Bus Door Films – Know someone who’s been sitting on that screenplay just a little too long? Or someone who can’t get enough of deaf-created content? Send them over to Bus Door Films to get their fix. 
  • Amelia the Archaeologist – Turn your friends who just love learning onto this deaf archaeologist. Great for the history buff in the family. 
  • Sign Language Center – Chances are you have someone in your life who has always wanted to learn ASL. ASL classes from the Sign Language Center are the PERFECT gift for them 
  • Dawn Sign Press – Dawn Sign Press creates content about ASL and Deaf Culture. Check out their extensive library of print and video content. 
  • Savory Words Publishing – Know someone who dreams of publishing a book? Look no further!  
  • Kathleen L. Brockway – Do your friends and family love learning about authentic deaf history? Maybe they’re looking for a mentor? If so check out Kathleen L. Brockway’s profile for more information. 
  • Mystic Starz – Wondering if your stars will align in 2021? Get a reading from Mystic Starz Astrology and see what the future has in store! 
  • Day to Rejoice Weddings & Events – Need support with making your event extra special? Check out Day to Rejoice, a Black Deaf-owned event design business based out of the S.F. Bay Area in California. They even offer services for drive-thru parties that are 100% contactless! 
  • VL2 Storybook Apps – Activities to boost your ASL literacy and storybook apps. 
  • #WhyISign – Celebrating peoples’ stories about why they learned to sign, plus information and resources. 
  • The ASL App – An app to learn conversational ASL from native Deaf signers. 
  • Bellamonika – Graphic designer, video editor, hula hoop performer, and fire dancer – all in one! 
  • Mangiardi Films – Deaf-owned Video Production Business who travels to you. 
  • ASL Cart – Marketplace for ASL Gifts, ASL Novelties, and ASL Themed Products 
  • Lost River Vacations – Luxury tiny home vacation rentals in Lost River, West Virginia. 
  • AstroWoke – Classes and 1:1 zoom classes for astrological readings in ASL. 
  • That Deaf EI Lady – ASL Language Assessor; Family, Community, Professional Partnership Consultant; Deaf & Hard of Hearing Infant and Toddler Consultant 
  • Eyeth Visual Entertainment – A Deaf-owned world wide entertainment company that provides virtual shows, performances, and workshops.  
  • Sign Class, LLC – ASL classes for businesses, families and children. 
  • Tactile Communications, LLC – A group committed to maximizing the autonomy of DeafBlind people by providing necessary training in a linguistically and culturally appropriate setting. Goal is to give DeafBlind people the tools they need to become active, productive members of society and in doing so, to improve the quality of their lives.  
  • Hand Type – A company that showcases the finest literature and art created by signers, Deaf and hearing alike, or about the Deaf or signing experience the world over. 
  • Handwaves Birth – Birthworkers who provide childbirth classes, doula support, and more 
  • Three Monkeys Communication – Presentations, training, mentoring, consulting about people who have low vision, are blind, deaf, or DeafBlind. The group also has two products, including the Mizaru app and the Iwazaru channel. 
  • Haben Girma  Haben Girma is the first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School. She is human rights lawyer advancing disability justice who former President Obama named a White House Champion of Change. You can buy her book or hire her for speaking or consulting opportunities. 
  • SignAble Vi5ion – A Deaf ASL instructor who teaches ASL courses and workshops for Inclusion Communication in the workplace. These workshops equip people to create an environment that is inclusive and empathetic to different communication support needs for all people. 
  • Zetta Marie’s Patisserie – BIPOC Deaf-owned culinary creations. Baked goods and pastries for a little taste of heaven. 
  • Patty Cakes Mobile – These unique cakes in jars come in just about any flavor you can imagine! 
  • Patrick McMullen – Your social media guru that can help you get to the next level as a content creator 
  • TS Writing Services – Provides writing, editing, design and translation services for all sorts of writers! 
  • Rosslyn Auto Body – Serving people in the DC area with repairing their cars in Alexandria, VA 
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