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Shireen Hafeez Joins CSD's Board of Directors

May 31, 2022

Shireen Hafeez Joins CSD's Board of Directors

May 31, 2022
May 31, 2022

Shireen Hafeez brings more than 20 years of experience as an advocate, thought leader, innovative executive, public speaker, and educator to CSD. 

Communication Service for the Deaf proud to announce the addition of Shireen Hafeez to its Board of Directors. Hafeez joins eight other board members who guide CSD’s overall strategies, promote innovative thinking about the future of CSD, and strategize ways to unleash transformational impact in the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

Shireen Hafeez is the founder of Deaf Kids Code, a first-of-its-kind nonprofit that teaches Deaf and hard of hearing children computer and technology skills so they can be economically and socially successful in life. The national outreach organization has worked with more than 9,000 children in over 40 locations around the United States. Hafeez founded Deaf Kids Code to support future generations of Deaf children, including her son, so they can thrive in ways that previous generations couldn’t due to societal and linguistic barriers. 

“It is the greatest honor to join the board of directors,” said Hafeez. “The most important and exciting part of this role is creating meaningful learning and workforce experiences. It is the greatest privilege to be able to work with like-minded people and create new pathways that didn’t exist before.” 

Deaf Kids Code is founded on the belief that the digital age is the great equalizer. The organization empowers Deaf and hard-of-hearing children by equipping them with the technology and design skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive workforce. By teaching them the universal language of computing, students have more substantial opportunities to enter top-tier colleges and pursue fulfilling careers in technology.  

“Deaf Kids Code is a tremendous success and an important resource for our community to promote and advance STEM education and career pathways,” said CSD CEO Chris Soukup. “Shireen’s experience and expertise aligns beautifully with the outcomes CSD aspires to achieve.” 

Together, Hafeez and CSD will continue developing strategies to further their shared missions of expanding access to technology and economic opportunities for children and adults who are Deaf or hard of hearing. 

“Shireen is a longtime ally of the Deaf community, and we are excited to have her join us,” said Board Chair Rogelio Fernandez. “Her unique and valuable perspective will help us shape the future of our organization and community for generations to come.”

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